Cleaning franchise

Today we open new opportunities for those:

  • who are interested in this business
  • who want to achieve economic freedom and welfare
  • who are confident in themselves, strive for the best result and are ready for growth

Continuous development and implementation of innovations give us the opportunity to take the leading positions, both in the field of cleaning technologies and business management technologies.

Service and customer-focusedness, transparency of relations with clients and partners are the pillars of our success. We are happy to share our success and knowledge with respectable partners and those who know the worth of reputation and are ready for growth.

Taking into account 20 years of experience, we will provide you with high-quality consulting, service and advertising support.

LookA bio dry cleaning is a leading supplier of process equipment and consumables for dry-cleaner's and laundries.

We help to open LookA bio dry cleaning franchise on a turnkey basis. You will enjoy all the benefits of working with our company: a well-known premium brand, expertise in building a successful business, access to software, factory services and logistics 7 days a week.

We offer consultations on the selection of premises, help to create a development project and locate the equipment. In addition, we will give recommendations regarding furniture, equipment and advertising constructions at LookA bio dry cleaning prices.

We will train your staff on a turnkey basis and accompany you in the future as well as train your employees constantly. Of course, we have quality standards for services, which the franchisee is obliged to follow.

It will take no more than 2 months to start the receiving office of LookA bio dry cleaning. We will help you to start it as soon as possible in order to give you the opportunity to go into business in the quickest way.

If you want to be successful - join LookA bio dry cleaning family.

Call us or leave a request and we will start the business of your dream!

The cost of a franchise package

The components of the franchise package:

  • A business model
  • Quality standards of work, service and control
  • Standards for opening industrial premises and offices
  • Types of basic consumables
  • Design description of the receiving offices
  • A brand-book
  • A package of documents on staff training and development
  • A package of documents on promotion
  • Description of the organizational structure
  • Training of technical and managerial staff on the existing production base
  • Job description
  • Service support of equipment (by separate agreement with the franchisee)
  • Information support
  • Business consulting support

The payback period of the franchise is 3 years
Basic investment amount starts at 100 thousand euros (depending on the configuration of production, starting with a simple laundry to full cycle dry-cleaner’s)
The cost of the franchise package starts at 9 thousand euros
Royalty from the second year of business existence is 1000 euro / month


Germany is a leading manufacturer of equipment for dry-cleaner’s and laundries. LookA bio dry cleaning is the official and exclusive representative of such manufacturers in Cyprus:

  1. Böwe german quality – Production of high-tech bio dry cleaning machines and manufacture of dry cleaning machines on an industrial scale. (Germany)
  2. Veit – is a world leader, the manufacturer of finishing equipment for the textile and service industries. (Germany)


Our company always cares about the ecological state of the environment and the safety of consumers' health. That is why we use professional and phosphate-free detergents from a world-famous factory.
BUFA is the manufacturer of biodegradable and environmental products for BIO-cleaning, dry cleaning and industrial washing spheres. (Germany)
For the first time in Cyprus, dry cleaning machine works with environmentally friendly detergent Sensene. In Europe it started to be used in 2015.
For example, in France the use of perchloroethylene was banned in 2017, but all the dry-cleaner’s of the island work with it today.

All products and consumables comply with international and European quality standards and are used at various stages of cleaning, aqua cleaning, cleaning of leather items, clothes and accessories.

Service support

The franchise package guarantees service support to its owners:

  • warranty service of the equipment
  • commissioning works
  • training of technical staff
  • post-warranty service


The package includes specialized technological training of future staff from scratch according to specially developed methods.

The training scheme is quite simple:

  • there is an individual curriculum for each specialty;
  • there are no more than 10 people in each training group;
  • duration of the training course is from 20 to 30 days;
  • teaching staff are the best technologists of LookA bio dry cleaning network.

Future staff will be able to adopt successful long-term experience at existing enterprises.

How to buy a franchise package


  • conclusion of the franchise agreement;
  • payment for the provision of the franchise package;
  • conclusion of a treaty for equipment supply;
  • conclusion of a treaty for consumables supply;
  • warranty and post-warranty service;
  • training of technical and managerial staff.

Call us or leave a request and we will start the business of your dream!